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Special exposition for sports and fitness goods at MosHome 2024 - MosFit. Market overview and main industry trends in this article

2022 has impacted all areas of the economy, and the sports goods market is no exception. Many well-known foreign brands have stopped operating in Russia, and their niches are being occupied by new market players. According to Tinkoff Data analysts, after the departure of large brands (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc.), sales of sports goods in stores decreased by 40% in monetary terms at the end of 2022, and online sales by 51%. However, sales turnover on marketplaces increased: on Wildberries and Ozon they grew 3 times in monetary terms (32.6 billion rubles) and in quantitative terms by 2.6 times (26.2 million units).

Key indicators for 2023

The healthy and active lifestyle is becoming more and more popular every year. According to the Ozon marketplace, sales of sports and leisure goods have grown by almost 80% in the last year alone. SberMegaMarket specialists also note an increase in demand for these categories of goods by 193% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year. The most popular product was sports nutrition; in the cycling section, the demand for bicycles increased more than 3 times, and buyers also showed greater interest in the categories of products for water sports, winter sports and fishing.

The M.Video-Eldorado group also recorded an increase in sales of sports and fitness products from January to June 2023 by 2.4 times, and cardio equipment in quantitative terms by more than 85%. SKB Kontur analysts note a negative trend in sales of running sneakers in May 2023 by 8% and sportswear by 17% compared to May last year. It is noted that this may be due to earlier purchase of goods and preparation for the season.

Sports and fitness goods on MosFit

Main market trends

The departure of major foreign players and the return under new brands

Last year, many familiar brands of sportswear and sports goods ceased operations in Russia. However, it is now known that some of them are returning: the Turkish chain FLO Retailing bought the Russian business of Reebok and opened multi-brand Sneaker Box stores. Also, Inventive Retail Group, a former partner of Nike in franchising retail in Russia, opened a new multi-brand chain of Amazing Red stores. And just recently the first Decathlon store opened in Russia under the new name Desport.

Opportunities for Russian companies

It became known that the Lamoda online store plans to open its network of sports stores within 3 years, launching about 300 points in more than 20 cities of Russia. Sportmaster is also expanding its network of Demix stores and has launched a new format of “Sportmaster mini” franchise stores in cities with a population of up to 50,000 people. Yandex Market is no exception and plans to produce fitness products (mats, dumbbells, treadmills, etc.) under its own Bodycore brand. Clothing stores are also launching and expanding lines of sportswear for fitness, yoga or pilates. For example, the Befree company launched its line of sportswear, and the BAON company has a new sports collection in the BAON LEVEL UP line.

Growth in sales of sporting goods on marketplaces

Shopping on marketplaces is gaining an increasing share of online shopping every year. An expert at the marketplace analytics service Salist notes that the sports category on the Wildberries marketplace in July 2023 entered the top 5 categories and ranks 3rd with total revenue of 19.7 billion rubles and 15.5 million sales.

Sports goods for home training

According to materials from the online hypermarket, sales of sporting goods in June 2023 increased 4.5 times compared to June 2022, and interest in exercise equipment increased almost 4 times. It is noted that the growth in demand is due to the growing popularity of independent training and an increase in the level of physical activity in general. Moreover, 74% of Russians involved in sports do it on their own. To reinforce this, a trend has been noticed for online training services for home sports.

Special exposition MosFit on MosHome 2024 exhibition

Market prospects

The Russian market for sports and fitness shows a trend of increasing production volumes and replacing foreign players. According to marketing research from the Roif Expert agency, the production volume of goods in this category increased by almost 40%, which is an absolutely record figure. Industry experts also agree that, based on the economic situation and the reformatting of business processes in the new reality, there is room for new market players in the middle price segment and below.

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  • Sportswear

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