Household appliances and consumer electronics

We continue our review of the sectors of the 2nd International Exhibition of Consumer Goods for House, Garden, Sports and Leisure MosHome. Analysis of current trends in the household appliances and electronics segment in our article

Key indicators for 2023

According to the analytical company Infoline, the sales volume of the household appliances and electronics market in Russia in 2022 was estimated at 2.2 trillion rubles, which is 15.4% less than a year earlier. This is due to the departure of a number of foreign brands and the restriction of trade relations with other manufacturers. According to the online store, sales of Korean brands decreased by 3 times, while the share of Chinese manufacturers increased by 3 times.

In the first quarter of 2023, Platforma analysts noted a reduction in total spending by Russians in this segment by 32% compared to the fourth quarter of 2022 and by 47% compared to the first quarter of 2022. However, by the end of the year the situation changed: many services report an increase in sales of electronics and household appliances following Black Friday. Thus, the online store reports sales volumes in the period October 27 – November 27, 2023 of more than 2 billion rubles. This is 54% more than the same period last year, and the large household appliances segment accounted for 64% of all sales.

Other market participants also confirm that the most popular goods among Russians at the November sales were household appliances and electronics. Against this background, a sharply increased demand for services for installation and connection of household and other appliances was recorded - on average by 43% in November in Russia compared to the same period in 2022.

Household appliances and consumer electronics

Main trends and market prospects

Emergence of own brands of household appliances

Due to the departure of many foreign companies, Russian manufacturers decided to introduce their own brands to the market. For example, the company has the Novex and Hi brands, and the Ozon marketplace has the Hartens brand.

Emergence of new players on the market

In addition to Russian manufacturers, manufacturers from the CIS countries, Turkey and China decided to take advantage of the current situation with the redistribution of influence in the market of household appliances and electronics. The representative of notes that the leaders in refrigerator sales include the Biryusa (Russia) and Atlant (Belarus) brands. And sales of the Chinese brand Haier increased by more than 50% in the segment of large household appliances.

Marketplaces remain a popular platform for purchases

Home appliances and electronics are one of the fastest growing categories on marketplaces. This is due to the development of marketplace logistics, as well as changes in consumer behavior: buyers are no longer afraid to make large and expensive purchases online. Statistics also confirm the trend: according to the F+ tech-Marvel company, 25% of all household appliances and electronics in Russia in 2022 were purchased through marketplaces.

Growing interest in smart home devices

The “smart” home is becoming more popular every year. According to MTS, in the first six months of 2023, sales of smart products increased by 30% in units and by 40% in money. Industry experts note the popularity of sales of smart speakers, sockets, lamps, various sensors and systems, especially during the November sales.

Smart home device

In 2024, at the MosHome exhibition the Home Appliances sector will be represented by the following subcategories:

  • Washing machines, TV, irons, vacuum cleaners
  • Clothes dryers and fans
  • Climate control equipment
  • Electric kettles, coffee machines
  • Other household electrical appliances
  • Devices for massage and personal care

The new Consumer Electronics sector will feature products in the following subcategories:

  • Smart life
  • Smart relaxation and entertainment
  • Digital health technologies
  • Service robotics

According to a survey of the MosHome 2023 exhibition, 35% of visitors were interested in the Household Appliances sector.

The MosHome 2023 exhibition was visited by more than 5,000 specialists and more than 16,000 cross-visitors of the MosBuild exhibition. In just 4 days of the exhibition, manufacturers and suppliers of household appliances and electronics will be able to find new customers and partners, expand the base of potential customers and the geography of sales of their products.

We invite you to take part with your stand at the MosHome 2024 exhibition, which will be held on April 2–5 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

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