Benefits and opportunities of participate at MosHome 2024

Access New Markets, Cultivate Key Relationships, and Explore Unique Opportunities at MosHome 2024

Experience leading innovation and design at MosHome, set to take place from May 13-16 2024 in Moscow. This International exhibition will welcome over 700 manufacturers and suppliers, showcasing their impressive lineup of products and breakthroughs in consumer goods for home, garden, sport, and leisure.

Participation in MosHome 2024 is an opportunity to:

  • Gain access to a unique target audience. Connect with retailers, DIY experts, wholesalers, distributors, and key marketplace representatives, along with top-tier designers and decorators. A significant 64% of our visitors attend specifically to discover new suppliers, while 66% make purchases based on their exhibition findings. MosHome runs alongside MosBuild, Russia’s premier construction and finishing materials exhibition, drawing in an additional 16,000 visitors with overlapping interests, offering unparalleled networking and business opportunities.
  • Increase your sales volume and expand your sales territory. In 2023, MosHome attracted visitors from over 15 countries and 78 Russian regions, opening up new supply channels. The power of face-to-face interaction and the opportunity to showcase your products in person significantly accelerates purchasing decisions, providing an effective platform to increase your market reach and influence.
  • Strengthen your business relationships and forge new partnerships. With the 2023 survey revealing that 81% of MosHome visitors are decision-makers within their organisation, you'll have an unrivalled opportunity over the four days of the show to engage in meaningful business dialogue, make impactful connections and secure collaborative agreements directly on the show floor, setting the stage for lasting collaborations.
MosHome exhibition
MosHome 2024

Exhibiting at MosHome offers a quick solution to your business challenges and provides a fast track to achieving your objectives. provinding you access to a comprehensive range of promotional opportunities designed to increase your brand visibility.

MosHome 2024 exhibition also provides its participants with the opportunity to publish news articles and company new product launches through the MosHome website. The full list of free options can be found here >>

Don't miss the last opportunity to become an exhibitor at MosHome 2024!