10 facts about MosHome 2024

Find out 10 interesting facts about the International Exhibition of Consumer Goods for House, Garden, Sports and Leisure MosHome

1. MosHome will be held simultaneously with the MosBuild

MosHome will be held on the same venue as the largest Building and Interior exhibition in Russia and CIS, MosBuild. In 2023, more than 16,000 MosBuild visitors showed interest in the MosHome exhibition.

2. The exhibition will be held for the second time

The successful debut of the MosHome exhibition took place in 2023. More than 200 companies took part, and more than 5,000 people from 78 regions of Russia and 15 countries became visitors.

3. Exhibition participants are Russian and foreign companies

More than 700 consumer goods manufacturers from Russia and China have announced their participation in MosHome 2024. You can view the list of participants 2024 by the link >>>.

MosHome 2024

4. The products of the participants will be presented in 9 sectors

The companies will demonstrate a wide range of their goods in 9 product groups: from decor and home goods to consumer electronics. This will allow you to get acquainted with new products, evaluate them, and also consider options for entering new market segments.

5. Special exposition MosFit and MosGarden

At the MosHome, special interactive expositions of sports and fitness products MosFit and gardening products MosGarden will be presented.

6. Exhibition visitors are professional audience

The professional activities of 33% of visitors are related to design, 30% to retail, and 18% to wholesale trade.

7. MosHome is an effective business platform

In just 4 days, participants and suppliers will be able to solve their business problems in the shortest possible time, agree on the most favorable terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement right at the exhibition.

8. Business programme will allow you to keep abreast of events

As part of the business program events, specialists and managers in the non-food and household goods categories will be able to learn current analytical information about the state of the industry, trends and development prospects.

9. More than 40% of visitors hold a leadership position in their company

According to the 2023 visitor survey, top management of companies visit the exhibition: 34% of visitors hold the position of CEO or are company owners, 9% are department heads.

10. The interests of visitors are reflected in the products of participants

The product interest of visitors covers a wide range of goods: 83% of visitors are interested in decor, 50% are interested in products for the kitchen and dining room, gardening categories and household goods are 37% and 33%, respectively.

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