More than 700 manufacturers of consumer goods for house, garden, sports and leisure will gather at MosHome 2024.

The 2nd International Exhibition of Consumer Goods for House, Garden, Sports and Leisure MosHome will be held in Crocus Expo IEC. The event is organised by ITE and EIECO.

MosHome exhibition is a new industry platform that brings together buyers from wholesale and retail chains and marketplaces, professionals involved in interior design and home furnishing, with manufacturers of a wide range of home goods entering the Russian market for the first time or expanding their presence here.

MosHome hosts the widest range of exhibited products, including unique expositions of MosGarden and MosFit sports and fitness products.

MosHome exhibition is divided into 9 sectors:

  • Decor and home goods

  • Kitchen and dining

  • Household appliances

  • Country house and garden

  • Sports and fitness

  • Children's products

  • Pet products

  • Holiday and Christmas decorations

  • Consumer electronics

This year, over 700 companies from China, India, Russia, and the CIS countries will showcase their products. The exhibition has expanded fourfold since its inception, promising guests an exceptionally wide array of products.

Yulia Markova, MosHome exhibition director:

"Last year was a successful start for the exhibition and showed good results. Having analysed the feedback from exhibitors, and identifying the key areas for 2024, we have revised many sectors. For example, a survey of visitors showed that the section "Goods for Animals" requires a wider presentation and there is a high demand for it. And this year already more than 80 companies will present their products in this section.

We do everything to make the venue as productive as possible for all participants - an up-to-date business programme, meeting rooms, special demonstration zones. Live communication, meeting new people, networking is responsible for the success of the exhibition, and we try to create such an atmosphere that both exhibitors and visitors feel comfortable to solve their tasks and do business".

MosHome will be held on the same platform as MosBuild, the largest building and finishing materials exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries, which will give both visitors and exhibitors the added opportunity of both events.

The synergies of the two projects, provides visitors everything they need for home and renovation, and exhibitors additional reach and a new audience, as more than 80,000 trade professionals and designers visit MosBuild every year.

MosHome is first and foremost a business platform aimed at enabling manufacturers and buyers to negotiate and reach supply agreements as efficiently as possible.

This year's exhibition will be hosted by MosHome, the platform of the Network Procurement Centre. Organised by the exhibition partner, KVK Imperia Forum.

The Network Procurement Centre streamlines business negotiations, reducing the time and costs for buyers to discover new suppliers multiple times over.

As part of the project, exhibitors at MosHome will have the opportunity to showcase their products and engage in supply negotiations with category buyers from major retail chains and marketplaces.

In addition to the exposition, the exhibitors' products can be evaluated live in two interactive zones prepared in support of MosFit and MosGarden special expositions.

MosFit Demo Zone

MosFit Demo Zone (Hall 11, Stand A1069) is an area where visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with a wide range of sporting goods, equipment, and accessories for fitness. The variety of presented goods will allow to get a complete idea of the market and choose the most suitable options for themselves. Specially for this zone we invited professional trainer Peter Logachev, who will conduct functional training, talk about the effective use of sporting goods and familiarise visitors with the companies represented at MosFit

MosGarden Photo Zone

MosGarden Photo Zone (Hall 11, Stand A6041) is an area created to give exhibitors the opportunity to effectively demonstrate their products and attract the attention of potential customers. It is also a great chance to learn the latest trends in garden design and outdoor leisure activities. A colourful photo zone will showcase exhibitors' products related to gardening and garden design. Visitors will be able to see the range of garden tools, furniture, garden jewellery, picnic and camping products and take vivid photos from the exhibition.

MosHome Arena

MosHome is an opportunity to learn the most relevant trends and statistics of the non-food market within the framework of the business programme of the exhibition.

On the first day of the exhibition, the conference "Cosy about Home. Trends of the non-food and home goods market". The conference is co-organised by portal. The event will be moderated by Natalia Marova, project manager.

During the conference, speakers will cover:

  • Market analysis of non-food and home and interior goods market

  • Changes in consumer preferences. Analysing purchasing power and demand for certain categories of goods

  • Trend overview

  • New shop formats and best practices for creating a customer journey

  • Case studies of offline and online sales

  • Assortment and pricing

  • STM as a category driver

The conference will include a practical masterclass on non-food category development "Retail Pumping".

Conference speakers include:

  • Anna Darmodekhina, Procurement Director, Williams et Oliver

  • Stanislav Kazakov, Director of Darwin hypermarket chain (2015-2022), author of more than 200 trainings and masterclasses on sales, efficiency, crisis management, Managing Partner of Big Time Retail

  • Marina Polkovnikova, expert in merchandising, development and implementation of design concepts for non-food retail, founder of VMC Retail.

  • Elena Roth, ABCD Expert, Executive Director of Brandson (TSN)

  • Andrey Gornov, member of the ABCD Council, CEO of Getbrand Agency

  • Anna Sobyanina, ABCD Expert, Managing Partner of A.STUDIO

On the second day of the exhibition, a lecture and a master class will be held on the MosHome Arena stage.

The talk "Homesteading: Creating a Harmonious Space to Optimize Investment for Profitable Rent or Sale" will explore a rapidly growing trend. Attendees will discover how homestaging benefits sellers and investors by increasing property value, and helps buyers and tenants find their ideal living space.As part of the talk, consider the following questions:

  • The concept and history of homesteading

  • Stages of a homestager's work

  • The difference between homestaging and interior design

  • Differences between homestaying for long term, daily rent and for sale

  • Types of homestay services

  • Pros and cons of working online and offline

  • Before/after case studies

The talk will be given by Alla Safonova, homestager, blogger @myhyggeland, author of a course on homestaging.

The masterclass "Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Designer's Tool: Fear or Friendship?" will delve into real-life examples of neural networks in design.

While some designers view AI as a threat to their profession, others are embracing its capabilities. This session will bring both perspectives together on one stage:

  • Roman Morgach, designer, architect, founder and creative leader of the Art Glück project

  • Sergey Markov, architect, co-founder of Bureau A4

  • Anastasia Konnova, interior designer, founder of Konnova design

  • Kristina Krakhmalyova, designer, decorator, co-founder of K+K interiors studio

The discussion will be moderated by Lyusya Malkis, producer of architecture and design events, author of the tg-channel "Lyusya in da house"

Topics for discussion:

  • Step-by-step algorithm for working with AI: analysis, idea, coordination within the team, visualisation and presentation

  • Days, hours and minutes instead of weeks, months and years: "seven thousand years in one picture"

  • Design is not about creativity, but about solving the customer's problems in a specific style

  • Analysing new meshes and controlling mega-grids, using mappings to control neural networks. Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Interior AI, Deep Dream, Room GPT and others

  • Analysing estimates, working with supplier databases

  • Foreshortening, lighting, weather and nature, working with photographic lenses: AI is your assistant on the set.

The 2nd International Exhibition of Consumer Goods for House, Garden, Sports and Leisure MosHome will be held on 13-16 May 2024 at Crocus Expo IEC (Myakinino metro station), Pavilion 2, Floor 3, Halls 10 and 11.

The official opening of MosHome will take place on the MosHome Arena stage (Hall 11). The ceremony will be attended by:

  • Yulia Markova, MosHome Exhibition Director

  • Muyessara Tursun, General Manager, ITE China

  • Zhao Da Fang, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Ningbo, organiser of MosHome Ningbo

  • Sui Yetuo, Director of Foreign Trade Promotion Division, Ministry of Commerce, Liaoning Province, organiser of MosHome Liaoning

  • Li Guozhong, Head of Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Organiser of Shanxi Provincial Pavilion

  • Ding Lei, Director of E-Commerce Department, Nantong City Trade Bureau, Organiser of Nantong City Pavilion

  • Xu Weihua, Director General of EIECO, co-organiser of MosHome 2024

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Sponsors and partners of MosHome 2024:

  • Organiser of the Network Procurement Centre Platform: MosHome - KVK Empire Forum

  • Co-organiser of the conference -

  • Information partner of the section "Sport and Fitness" - EMSport

  • Information partner of the section "Goods for Children" -

  • Information support - Ideas for Your Home

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