Nantong Export Brand make debut at MosHome 2024

Nantong Export Brand will participate in the International MosHome 2024 exhibition

Jiangsu Province's Nantong City maintains a strong economic and trade relationship with Russia. In 2023, Nantong's imports and exports to Russia surged, with a year-on-year growth rate of 37.5%. MosHome, as a comprehensive international exhibition for consumer goods such as daily necessities, home decoration, sports equipment, and hardware products, serves as an important gateway for Nantong's foreign trade enterprises to enter the Russian and surrounding markets.

The MosHome in Russia is the third stop of the “Nantong Export Brand” in 2024. Fifteen companies including Ironman, Jinruite, Winner, and Foremost have been organized to participate, showcasing fitness equipment, household textiles, travel goods, and other categories of products. Welcome to visit the Nantong exhibition group.

Nantong Export Brand

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